Student Transportation Announces Director Election Results of its 2017 Annual and Special Shareholder Meeting

BARRIE, Ontario, Nov. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Student Transportation Inc. (TSX:STB) (NASDAQ:STB) ("STI" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that all of the nominees listed in its information circular dated September 29, 2017 were elected as directors of the Company at its annual and special meeting of shareholders held on November 9, 2017.  The results of the voting for each nominee are as follows:

Nominees% of
  Votes Cast 
% of
Number of
Votes Cast 
Barbara Basney97.51%2.49%27,615,776
Denis Gallagher98.99%1.01%28,034,687
Irving Gerstein97.38%2.62%27,578,682
  Kenneth Needler   97.62%2.38%27,647,161
George Rossi97.52%2.48%27,617,748
David Scopelliti97.53%2.47%27,619,440
Wendi Sturgis97.60%2.40%27,640,041
Victor Wells97.54%2.46%27,624,254

About Student Transportation Inc.

Founded in 1997, Student Transportation Inc. (STI) is an industry leader in school bus transportation, safety and fleet services. STI operates more than 13,500 vehicles, providing customers with the highest level of safe and reliable student transportation, management, logistics and technology solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. Services are delivered by drivers, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, managers, information technology professionals and others, who are caring members of their local communities. For more information, please visit

Company contact:

Doug Coupe
Director of Communications & Investor Relations
(843) 884-2720